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About Us


Pathogenia plays an integral part at every stage of testing that is critical to food safety. And we take pride in our knowledge, experience and capabilities to remain in the forefront of a movement that aims to keep millions of customers safe from unwanted contaminants that may be present in the foods they eat, the air they breathe and the water they drink. This is what we do “We Make Food Safer” and this is who we are.

Food producers and manufacturers often face massive challenges trying to maintain food safety standards and dealing with the fallout of a foodborne contamination, which can lead to an ethical and legal crisis.

Recognizing the critical nature of the food safety issues that can affect customers far and wide, we at Pathogenia Inc. have dedicated ourselves, our extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment, to the task of ensuring fast and accurate finished product testing for our clients, within tight deadlines and budgets.

What We Do and Why Us

Food & Cannabis Testing

We offer a wide range of Microbiological, Chemical and Virological testing services, for food and environmental samples, conforming to the latest Canadian and US regulations.

Consulting Services

Our impeccably qualified and experienced team of professionals can provide high-end technical & functional expertise in Analytical, Regulatory and Food Safety Consulting services.

We are in a league of our own. We guarantee results within 72 working hours for most of our testing services.

Our performance betters our promise. Come experience the best in customer service in the industry – you couldn’t ask for more.

We strive to be competitive with our pricing in the industry. We understand your need for accuracy, urgency and pricing. And we ensure you achieve the first two, without compromising on the latter. You get the correct results, on time and within budget. 

Our Services

Food & Cannabis Testing

Our team of qualified professionals can provide various Chemical and Microbiological testings in Cannabis, Food and Environmental samples

Compliance Services

Our team of regulatory experts can provide regulatory consulting services in making sure compliance to Global regulatory requirements.

Consulting​ Services

Our team of industry experts in food safety can provide functional expertise in development, implementation of various Global Food Safety Systems

Our Stories


First ISO 17025 Accredited Food Virus Lab in Canada

We are proud of being the first Canadian food virus testing laboratory to be accredited with ISO/IEC 17025 standards.


Use of Latest Technology in a State of the Art Infrastructure

Using the start infrastructure along with latest technologies to perform various chemical analysis in Food and environment. Pesticide analysis and validation data is based on FDA PAM, USDA QUECHERS and AOAC methodologies.


Qualified Industry Leader Professionals

Our team of qualified and industry leader professionals can provide functional and technical services in Food Analysis, Regulatory Compliance and Food Safety Consulting services.

Our Clients

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